-21LP For losing + 17LP For winning

what is this shit? My rating is gold 3 For losing, I get -21 LP (given that most of my team simply feeds the enemy, and does not understand what is happening, some players in my team play as if they ate a ton of cocaine) And I get -21 LP But when I, and one or two players manage to snatch this shitty victory, and drag these clowns in the team to victory, I get +17 LP I try in every game, I never feed the enemy, I almost never have more than 10 deaths. Even if we lose. But I can’t be responsible for these smoky-nerds who die 20 times per game. From this I can’t have a win rate above 50%, and I have to sit with these cocaine smokers on the same rating. My ass literally burns when I see what they are doing, and no one punishes them, when I look at their profile on opgg, I see that they have 15+ deaths in almost every game, and from 0 to 5 they will kill. Isn't that called "int feeding?" but they continue to play, and feed the enemy. But what the hell is going on with ELO? why on such a low rating as Gold 3, I get 17 LP for a victory, and for losing, they take away 21 LP from me, what the hell is going on? I am afraid to present, and what then in Diamond? You want to say that having a win percentage of +/- 50% I will never get out of gold? I did not perform mathematical calculations, but estimated that, ideally, to grow, I should play +/- 60-70% of victories, but because of addicts who die 20 times in one game, I keep the rate at 50%. What the hell is going on here? And where are your words that you help players who are trying, who are striving to be better? Where is all this? Where? And btw, I'm not talking about the fact that in 50% of the games you have to resist the smurfs
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