A little rant from my part.

So... I'm not really the one to cry about the ladder system. But recently there are more questions than answers to me. I really have no idea what's going on anymore. A while ago I tilted really hard (IRL and ingame), which lead to me losing a lot of games at D5 0LP. Pretty sure it was something around ~20 games at d5 0LP -50LP. Obviously, my MMR went down quite a bit, which explains why I gained 15LP and lose 20LP. It wasn't that big of a problem for me, because this kinda stuff happened to me before. However, I stopped losing that many games, which means I started climbing again. In fact, I started to win **a lot** of games again. It actually didn't take me long to get to diamond 4 again just by playing Tristana (she's quite broken btw). https://i.gyazo.com/62c22035c3688a5c210bace49e51c235.png What really confuses me though, is that I **still** only get 15-16LP per game and I **still** lose 20. Let's put that into perspective: From D5 to d4 it's 100/15 -> 9 games **in a row**(including promos), each loss adds 2 extra wins needed. I basically need around 10-15 games to go from d5 0LP to d4 0LP. As soon as I'm d4, there's no grace-period. If I lose the first game after promotion, I'm d5 75LP again (which basically nullifies my last 5 or so games). If I'm d4 ~15LP and I lose 3 games in a row, I'm at d5 ~50LP again, which pretty much destroys the progress of around 10 games. Let's take that example and do some math with it: d5 50LP -> needs 5 wins **in a row** to reach d4 0LP. Let's say I lose 2 games. Boom. a few extra games and we're at around 9-10 games. now I lose 3 games in a row: 15LP -> 0LP -> d5 75LP -> 55LP. From those 13 games I won 8 and lost 5, which is a total winrate of ~62%. That's a little brutal for 5LP, don't you think? TL:DR: Rito doesn't use lube.
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