How to Counter?

I have trouble laning against a few champions. I would like to know how to play against these 4 champions, or who to play against them. These are also the champions that i wan't to get banned :P Darius: I try to bait out his pull and spin and that kind of works, and i know those two have a long cooldown so that is when i fight. I still get no damage off and lose a trade. His healing and damage is super high while still being tanky. Tahm kench: The thing i find most annoying is that he can spit out minions and deal tons of damage. Also he can slow you from far and eat you pretty fast. Illaoi: Her pull and debuff effect is super long even when you kill tentacles, i have to get safe so i cant really farm during it. I can't really get the ghost down fast enough or stop her from killing it. Fiora: I try to stick to the wall closest to my weak spot but still she gets it. You can't escape from her with her dash. I always get ninja tabi and randuins, but even when she isn't fed, she can kill you easily. I hope you can give me tips on how to play against them.
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