In my opinion Evelynn has a bad rework

Hi, I'm just a common player who plays League since autumn 2009. My first champion was Evelynn. I really liked that champion. Why? _She had really unique and interesting design _ Her first splash art was just amazing. She was beautiful and her spikes (q) were really mysterious (talking about spikes in early 2009, they were reworked several times after). So the gameplay felt really really unique. It's like she had second kind of auto-attacks - her Q. She was kinda weak in a line farming and in the jungle, but then she could become really strong. That was her thing. And it was such a strange feeling when you could autoattack using Q. Can't explain it, but it was amazing, it just charmed me in her. Because when you picked her you got something you couldn't get from others. Something exclusive. _She had stealth_ Her Stealth (W) used to stun enemies. It was amazing. Also she had a true stealth. Only Twitch had the same thing. And it felt really unique. You could play something different and you could run in stealth and feel yourself in safety. It was interesting. Now she does not have stealth at all. The first reason is about her stealth-detection range. It's really huge. Basically it's almost like her range of viewing. It's like you don't have stealth at all. But there is more. Her current W. On top of that It shows where you are. So you almost have no stealth and you even show your position with your spell. It's ridiculous. _Again W. I don't want to wait_ Aside of showing your position you also showing that you are nearby (which means you don't have stealth because enemy knows that you are nearby). Then you have to wait 1.5 seconds (i guess) or your spell basically won't work. It's like you just got 3 spells. Because one of your spells works against you. _E_ You can use your E spell to damage. Then it loses its enhancement unless you're in stealth again. That doesn't feel quite right. In a long fight you can't be very useful because your E lost its enhancement and you can't wait for your W to charge. _So what?_ I was thinking about reworks. Honestly, I lost interest in playing every champion that was reworked (but that's just me). Thinking from game (champion) designer position. It's understandable that you want to rework old champions. But I came to conclusion that reworking champion in core is a bad thing. For something new you have slots for new champions to create. Older champions just can be upgraded but not changed. _In time you're losing what you love_ I lost Evelynn. Someone lost his Gangplank. Maybe someone was upset about losing funny ap Sion. I know that there are people who started to play these champions after rework because they really liked them and found something warm about them. But we were first. Eventually every champion will be reworked? Let them be who they are. _Dreaming_ Well I hope Riot Games will rework Evelynn again so she will be like first Evelynn but just upgraded. May be something will be changed a bit. It's ok. But just a bit. That won't happen obviously. But I can dream. _Reality_ I hope her W and stealth will be reworked. I hope her stealth will be really a stealth. And I hope I won't show with my spell my position to my enemies. Also I don't like when the game says to me that I can't play for 1.5 secs. I want to play when I decided to. _There is more room to think about the game_ I have lots of other thoughts about League or champions. Like in aram could have passive that heals everyones health and mana in a high rate and decent amount. Bard W could have 3-4 times much higher heal. It would make much more sense because of reasons. And more. _Thank you_ Couple of years ago I started to make games so I got into game design and so on. I saw some misses in Evelynn. And I decided to share them. Because even if my voice won't mean anything I just can't be silent about one of my favorite champions.
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