Dynamic Que is ruining League of Legends

This new season is so damn frustrating, I dont enjoy league anymore. Even on the ferge of quiting like all my friends did but I still play because I hope Riot implements soloq soon. I find it hard 2 enjoy a game where I used to get plat div with ease where as now, I even struggle with getting near gold 2. The enemy always had premades on their team where most of the time at least 2 players of the enemy team are a minimum of plat5, where my team is all low-ish gold. I dont mind that once in a while, I like the challenge but when I always have to play against far better teams and teams that are premade. How am I supposed to climb the gold ladder when i play against players of a higher divison. So I quickly lose interest in the game, I know its qliche to say my team is always feeding and this and that but its the truth. The skill dirrence betweens teams is way 2 high and this is just plain wrong. I invested a lot of time and money in league and if dynamic stays, im out thats for sure. It hurts me to say it but enough is enough{{summoner:14}} sometimes, #bringbacksoloq
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