Are they going to fix matchmaking next season?

I know it's broken in a lot of ways, but today I'm going to talk about how it is entirely seperate in ranked and normal... resulting in a lovely match against a challenger Kha with the beta banner while I'm in s3... Seriously? even if he's never touched that champion before he's so far above me I would have like a warning to just dodge the match and not waste my time, why on earth would Riot think that the queue matchmaking should be so seperate that a challenger can be put up against a silver? People complain about people trying out new champions in ranked but now I entirely see why they do it, if you try to learn a champion in normals you'll be up against the cream of the crop FAR above your level making it utterly pointless to even try as it'll be nothing like the ranked games you'll play. Seriously this needs to be fixed.. yesterday it was a master jungler I was against today a Challenger, is it going to put me up against somebody like Broxah next?

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