Dynamic Queue Issues are ruining my game experience

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Hi. My in game name is CommanderJ247. I started playing league near the end of season 2, i hit my peak divison (diamond II) at season 4 and i'm currently at diamond IV eune. My current issue with dynamic queue is role prioritization. I Main adc and my 2nd best role is support. Therefore i put bot as my main role and support as my secondary in ranked games. I've played like this consistently and without a change in roles for 1 month now and i've accumulated 84 ranked games since the 12th of July. Out of these, only 24 games have been adc, and the 60 other games have been support. You can go check my match history from 12 of July until 8 of August. That means i've goten my main role around 28.6% of the time, but at least 4 of those games i was placed as support but kindly requested adc since i mained it and happened to get it. So that makes 20/84 games that i've goten my main role, which is 23.8%. This from my point of view is really broken, and is ruining my game experience and the quality of my games since i am forced to climbed mostly as my secondary role. That means that dynamic queue does not properly express my skill as a player, since it has placed me according to my secondary role(since it has the most games). Also, by not getting enough games in my main role, my skill there has deteriorated over time due to not getting enough practice on it and game experience. Starting from today, i'll stop puting support as my secondary, and will quit playing it altogether for a chance to get my main role more, since if i put any other role a my secondary, i get my main role 50-70% of the time or even more. This is what has led, in my opinion, other players to not put support as a secondary option even though they like the role and can play it really well, or it might also be their 2nd best role (like me) but the frequency at which they would get it deters them from playing support. If i don't have support as my main role, i should not be forced to main it anyway in order to climb the ladder (aka 75% of the time or more). Personally i believe i should not have a lower chance to be placed in my main role than my secondary, with 50% chance being the lower limit of games on my second role, that's why i put it as main role, because i want it more than my secondary and so far dynamic queue has failed to prioritize my roles as i want it to. This leads to my last point, starvation issues on the support role. People have realized that if they put support as secondary, they have a really low chance to get their main role, so they won't put it at all, and will choose another role, even if they are worse at it. This in turn makes the need for support higher since less people are playing it, so what other players will experience is either higher queue times, or even worse role prioritization for the ones playing support (or both) which deters people even more and creates a loop that keeps on going. I'd be glad to hear from riot about this issue and their opinion on the subject, and if anyone who reads this agrees with me, please thumb this up for more people to see. And as always, good luck on Solo Q and have a wonderful day :)
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