How do you counter Nasus

I'm Gold 2, maybe not the best top laner but i've had a lot of games on Renekton and can do reasonably well with Gnar among others but there's one champ that i can never do anything against and that's Nasus. the first few waves i can handle him but i end up pushing the wave and then he farms under tower, and after about 50 or so stacks and a back he can just ignore me. When i play against him he just ends up getting hella stacked and carrying, i try stay on lane with him and he just ends up winning it at a certain point, i try roaming and he stacks then follows to clean up and he can just delay until the late game where he'll stomp the game with his ridiculously low cooldown slow, his overpowered and boringly strong q and an ult that's a buffed up sunfire cape. What do i do? i'm not going to ban him cuz that'll leave other power picks open and my team mates will think me stupid for banning him. I get you're meant to harass him but i always seemingly fail at it after about 6 maybe 7 minutes in. Any and all help will be welcome.
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