Won three games, enjoyed none of them.

To put it simply, the last three games I won felt cheap, and even undeserved, in comparison from what I used to expect from League. I didn't even perform particularly well in any of these games, it's just one person getting ahead and then becoming unstoppable in game (unless they build AP ofc). It doesn't help that the strongest of these champions, Tryndamere, can be ANYWHERE on the map at ANYTIME with a few kills, and provide immense pressure wherever he is because of duelling, teamfight and splitpush ability combined with well suited masteries and now buffed AD items. It's now incredibly easy to be carried/have no control over a loss in the game after a laning phase spirals out of control. Bot lane can take the whole turret using just a dorans blade and spellthiefs edge when you first back for a BF sword from 100=0, because they really are so weak. The game before these three snowballed, and I didn't even get to surrender. It finished in 18 minutes with a Yasuo and Tryndamere on the enemy team.
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