How do you deal with Kayle? NOT A QQ POST.

Hi guys, first of all this is not a QQ post. I played a match recently, where the enemy team had a Kayle playing top. Our top was Malph, and he destroyed kayle, so he wasn't a problem in early and mid game. Then we reached late game, and somehow Kayle was able to turn the whole game upside down, going 1v5 and win (happend twice that game) and no he wasn't feed,i think he had a 3/11 when we angaged him the first time. Since that game i've been scratching my head trying to figure out where all of that power came from. If any of you know how to deal with kayle, please enlighten me, so i know to do in future games. Again this is not a QQ post, i had alot of fun playing that match, and i felt that i had to honor Kayle for his sublime performance. Thanks in advance :)
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