Poor matchmaking and experience!

Issues with poor matchmaking. I don't know the formula or how riot match make players together but recently it's becoming a cause for concern and after my recent game it's becoming apparent that something is wrong. I think this problem would only lie in lower elo (I'm currently silver 2). My last game I had a total of 5 players that were unranked in the game (2 on their team, 3 on mine) 222 ranked games thus far this season I feel that i shouldn't be matched with unranked players, how is this fair? I feel like league of legend whilst a skill and teamwork based game is heavily reliant on experience of a player, this would come in to play for several factors. When to take certain objectives, where and when to ward, itemization etc By matching me with 3 very inexperienced players i'm at a severe disadvantage, granted the enemy team also had 2 however those 3 players they had made a large impact on the game, two of the unranked players were level 11 and level 4, how on earth does riot think that these players are skilled enough to be faced with players with hundreds of games under their belt. These players were clearly not smurfs. We all know that ranked is a far more competitive and generally harder battle ground that normal's and my question is why are they matching inexperienced players with experienced ones?
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