Malzahar Support-Isn't it good?

I have been looking for unusual support picks and recently I had been playing {{champion:90}} on support from the time he was in free champ rotation and he is really interesting. I don't know if others have played him on supp and though at times he depends on ADC or team mates for damage, he is a safer pick who seems to do more damage even from behind. His passive can be really used in many ways: can use the shield to trade, block important engages and even something like using it against {{champion:56}} ult. Just complete the support quest, {{item:3310}} or {{item:3304}} and get level 6, 2-3 full combos or simply press R with an ally nearby, it is always lethal. Though he becomes weaker whenever passive or R is on CD, he can still help in wave clear and poke. His Q is bit tricky and difficult to use, but helps for zoning out or stopping engages. His E can help in wave clear for ADC champs with poor waveclear , but can also take cs for himself.I think he can be a good support and can even block some engages with his shield. Has anyone tried him in support? What are your thoughts on it?
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