Hey guys,i might think you don't want to hear this but i know how you can have fun on the game again

It's really simple , even if you might don't wanna hear it #STOP #Playing #Ranked's I mostly don't play ranked's , a few reasons are 1. I Dont want to tryhard or concentrate , i want to have fun 2. After all i heard , would probably get matched with persons way above my Division 3. Rank games are full of flamer , Afk's and troller's if i heard right , and that isn't healthy for the Fun-O-Meter Seriously guy's , i don't play ranked , And that's the reason i see no problem with DynoQ I Only saw 1 Boosted Guy jet , i like never have Flamer and i have more fun in the game as in the old season where i used to play ranked For some people it might be fun to play Ranked , to climb and stuff , but if like everyone on the board's is ranting about the Ranked-system , how are they managed to have fun in it ? for what are you even playing Lol ? for climping ? become chelenjour ? go to LCS and be rich and famous ? haha , hope and dreams my friend , this is the normal world , and a video game is managed to make you enjoy wasting time , and not for beeing aggresive and tilted the whole time , and than write some random rant post on the lol board's i can already see the Downvote's incoming {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} BTW , i don't say that you have to stop playing ranked's , if you enjoy them and they seem like a funny waste of time , than it be like that , but im talking about people who say that Lol make's no fun anymore And also #Get #Premades Yes , i enjoy League alot more since im with premades in TS or Skype , it just makes more fun to communicate on this way , i even laughed so hard one time that i was about to die by cornflaces {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} GG Surrender 0:00 Brb ( Don't think we are idiot's , we always ask solo player's if they want to skype with us (as long as they can speak german) :P ) Ok , now really Bye
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