League of Legends and the jungle thing

Hello from a jungler, and welcome to this discussion! :) I want to know why riot buffs the minion Speed on lvl 1 in patch 9.4 for sidelanes? I know Pros abused it with freezing 1 Minion at a tower at start. The problem is that RIOT already done a huge misstake nerfing jungle for every jungler, not only for the OP ones like Camillie, etc. . Now they decide "hey, we need to stop that. Let us Buff the Minions and let the Side-Laners even help less the jungler". Im a Twitch-Main and when im on a Smurf (Silver/Gold) it alreasy sux cuz no one of these player know how to leash proper, now on-top they leash even less. I mean in higher elo (starting for me at Platin) People already know how to leash and now leash less cuz of the new "boost" of minions. I dunno if riot hates the jungle. Not nerfing KHA, but letting every other jungler down is kinda sad. I hope i wont see so much of a diffrence in-game to the leash thingy, but its kinda time to STOP NERFING JUNGLE RIOT :) I CANT CARRY DEM NOOBIES LIKE THIS :D. No but srsly pls stop the nerfs, TY. EDIT: Okay seems like i messed the "ghost" thingy up. Still i will hold on my Opinion with the Jungle nerfs Needs a relook. Pls buff Twitch Jungle or revert the jungle update and single target op Champs :) Have a great day
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