Riot NEEDS to change something.

So like many players I do get frustrated at times, but when forced to create a thread, you know thats when someone really has had enough. So I have enjoyed playing league for the past year and a half, only occasionally having the odd bad/toxicness that comes with it. Being a highly competetive kind of guy as soon as I hit 30 I only saw the point in playing I let the experiance commence.. Now I Played throughout S4 and manged to get Gold, which isnt much but I was happy with it...but I started to realise the imbalence of certain champs and META picks..YES some champs will naturally be stronger than others BUT that shouldnt dictate the fact of NO counter play, exspecially in a SoloQ scenerio. I mained ADC in S4 and was forced to change role due to the fact I felt so uncarryable in the game.. even though I'd come out with okay scores.. Now..My main problem is TANKS "Tank Meta" I feel exspecially in S5 that their is NOTHING anyone can do against a Tanky Meta..and its so boring.. The scaling is way OFF when it comes to "Fighter/Tanks" for example Hecarim can build massively TANKY and still Melt the mid or adc.. which SHOULD BE the opposite Mid/ADC's job...this is something I find ridiculous.. I wouldnt Mind if the Tanky Meta were purely just TANK (Meat Shields) but the fact is the majority of Bruiser/Meaty champs are Meat Shields and can Burst down anyone with only a little bit of farm and a TANK item.. The New Cinder jungle is also ridiculous..put that onto any tank jungler.. "Here have some practically free sustain" "Oh and we wont nerf your overall damage scaling since your TANKS". In a way I guess this is a bit of a rage thread, but Im sick and tired of Hecarim,Sejuani,Malphite etc just being able to 100-0 me.. with no counter play..Atleast in a game like wow the SCALING of the TANK role falls off... I find this isnt the case at all. anyways I'd love to hear some other peoples opinions because personally I find it agonizing.
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