Can we all agree that better bot wins?

I just got a 14 day after playing about 10 games today and being tilted because of how shit this game really is. If you check my every game I won or lost was decided by the bot lane, if I lost lane or was super ahead it did not matter at all, on my Journey from Iron to Gold it has been the exact same and it seems that bot lane actually never goes even, I recently started playing sylas to expand my champion pool, and I had a game where I went 18/7 on my 3rd game of sylas and we lost because my bot lane had fed even harder than the enemy top laner which made me think about the issue with why bot keeps on deciding the gmae. It seems that the more people that feed the less chacne you have, so if you lost a solo lane it has hardly any impact unless you play a very snowbally champion. I also hate how people who are extremely horrible at the game somehow manage to make it to Gold, or even out of bronze. I would leave some examples but Rito will think that I am telling people to witch hunt. But they need to do something about the bot lane, I remember when I first started out the game in late 2016 the bot lane consisted of long skirmishes and your mistakes weren't insta punished by death, nowadays you misstep a single time and you get perma cc or get one shot by the enemies, I guess Riot just wants earlier games and they have achieved that over the 3 years, but in those 3 years they have ruined a very good game. I am off to play on my backup on eune account which has never gotten any penalties somehow, which got me thinking. Why do I have 9 perma banned accounts on Euw but my EUNE account which I play a decent amount on has never received anything? I guess I will stop playing in EUW seeing as most people are complete snowflake degens that int all game and then blame you for flaming. I know Riot doesn't care about trolls at all because I also tested out if I would get banned for trolling and surprisingly I did not, I had about 20 games in which I had beyond negative score and was obviously the reason that my team lost, but you keep blaming flamers i am sure that is the thing that is mainly losing games and more importantly players playing the game.
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