Why I think that Warwick's rework was genius for NEW or NON JUNGLER players

So I have seen a lot of warwick's in my games recently and even played him a little bit and from what I have seen so far, I must say that I genuinely think that his rework was genius due to multiple reasons. 1) You will not die in the jungle. Let's be real his passive is specifically made for this, a champion that can get the regening bead and not die in the jungle is generally a jungler that can survive because he has in built sustain and with warwick you will not die unless you do chickens at level 2(seriously the damage on that thing needs to be nerfed) 2) He is simple to play. This is the part well some people say ''well his ult is a skillshot now bohooo'' which is true but that doesn't take away the fact that most of what you will do as warwick is go in, fear people, and claw them constantly. Yeah you will sometimes miss your skillshots but that's where my next point comes in which is... 3) He actually has a higher skill sealing. Yep he has a bigger skill sealing than he used to, now you will actually have to decide ''do I fear early to get the CC off or do I keep the E up for the extra resistance. His skill floor wasn't touched but his skill sealing has increased even if that means decision making, you have a lot of better options now. Lastly(and this is my favourite one) 4) He encourages pro activity. What I mean by this instead of cosplaying a master yi and just chilling in the jungle for the first 30 minutes of your game, his W encourages you to be proactive, when you see that scent, you instantly see that someone is low which gives you option of ''I can gank'' and it improves map awareness because you get used to looking around for where the blood trail is that you will eventually start to be looking for ganks yourselves. I really wanted to share my thoughts on the new Warwick since I genuinely think that they have done a good job with him. Whether he is good is debatable but I think he is really good for new junglers or for those who get autofilled to jungling {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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