My complaints about the new champ

I will split this into two sections : gameplay and personality First let's come to the personality, i personaly was super hyped when i heard it will be a friendly and nice champ, but no, Riot COMPLETELY HAD TO FORCE IT AGAIN This champion just... no it does not work, every single smile, happynes or friendlynes feels like it's forced with a gun to her head, not to mention that she DOES NOT FIT HER TITLE AT ALL, ''The Aspect of Twillight'' wth it just does not fit, under Twilight you understand somebody like Shen, who is both Sinister, and Dark, but also light, because he represents both sides, Good and Evil, but this champ just screams 'Little Miss Sunshine'' Not to mention that somebody like her just has no place on the rift, it's a child that thinks the entire world is her playground, even champs like Annie, Lulu or Lux that are silly or childish in some way have their experiences, and know their place in this world... Also this will be one of the only champs which i will Mote-emute right at the start of the game, this voice and emotes are just so childish... and i do not talk about 'cute' childish, im talking about ''gg ez get rekt noob'' kind of childish She also has no personality, she is basically just ''OMG IM SO CUTE OwO... YULUUUUUU IM SOOOO RANDOM EKSS DEE XDDD... did i also mention im cute OwO ?????'' Also who came on the idea to give her headphones? (as you can see in the end of the teaser) We live in a preety primitive age, with the biggest inventions coming from Zaun or Piltover, and i am sure as hell nobody invented the 'Headphones' yet, i am also extremely sure she has no origins in one of these places... tho considering how spoilt she is she might just come from rich parents in Piltover that gifted her a house made out of Diamonds when she was 1 year old I swear, why can't a 'nice' champ be actually nice? Like, complement enemys, saying something along the lines of ''This feels weird... and new'' in a sad tone when they get first blood on the rift, something like that, why do they always have to be so a#tistic or ADHD like? like Jesus Christ it's not that hard god damn it -.- Ok done with the personality rant, now to the gameplay rant, altough we could only see the abilitys in the teaser, it was already enough to know this champ will be EXTREMELY busted once she comes out Ok, this champion is a burst mage... AND HAS MORE MOBILITY THAN ANY ASSASSIN in the game, she got portals, high burst potential, and idk which part of the kit allows that but... she kinda leaves little bubles with the icons of summoner spells, if you pick them up your CD of it gets refreshed, as you could see her flashing 3 god damn times during a gank, idk if the CD stays refreshed till you use it again, or just for some seconds, but this surely is NOT OK, flashing once is already a big factor, but if you just allow a champ to refresh his Flash, where is the punishment for messing it up ? Everything else seems... ok i gues, i just hope the sleep cc won't increase with Ornn's brittle
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