Irelia Discussion - Akali Rework - The Fear of The Irelia Syndrome

Hi there, My name is Kuro, I've been an Akali main for as long as I remember, and I've played on a lot of accounts, where I've gotten to Diamond even Master Rank. Overall on my accounts, I think I have about 2.5Mil points on Akali, and I really do enjoy her playstyle a lot. After seeing what happened to Irelia, I've come to fear the Akali rework. Not because I don't think Irelia is a pretty awesome champion now, but because it seems Irelia has a REALLY awkward playstyle compared to the old Irelia now. Let me break it down as how I see it, don't judge me too hard though, I haven't played a whole lot of Irelia, but I do have an account with 200k points on her. Starting with the OLD Irelia The old Irelia had a really nice feature being almost immune to CC in teamfights, which made her a really awesome dive champion. But her W true damage and heal, also meant she did a lot of damage. The way I always thought about Irelia, was like a reverse Zed or someone like Nocturne. Just better. The fact she could go in, do insane amounts of damage without having to worry insanely about being CC'd down was something I enjoyed. Because it was unique to her, sure we have Olaf and Yi, we even got Ornn for gods sake. But, Irelia felt different, she felt skillful. She had so much outplay potential, and it really rewarded players who put time into her. The NEW Irelia I've played the new Irelia quite a bit on PBE (19 games in total on PBE), and quite a bit on some of my other accounts. (27 games in total on Live) And to be honest, she feels... Lacking to say the least, there's so much pressure on the Q damage now. It kinda feels like it's a low damage Zoe E, it's way overfocused. In the sense that I personally feel that the Q, is quite stupid. Not Zoe damage stupid, but Tahm Kench W stupid. It feels like this ability shouldn't really need that much focus, I feel like the damage it gives doesn't make sense with what she used to be. The old Irelia was free to dive in when she felt like it, and sure some would call her unbalanced, but how often did you really see her? Not much right? The New Irelia needs to be scared of everything, every SINGLE SUPPORT can ruin her, and I mean EVERY SINGLE SUPPORT. She can't do enough damage against tanks to deal with a tank toplaner, and sure that's a counterpick, but the old Irelia was at least capable of going even on trades because she had that true damage. Now lets talk about what I feel could be done here, not to break her, not to overly buff her nor make her a useless champion. I feel like they should bring something to the E, more to the E. The E feels so great to hit, but it doesn't really feel like it lives up it. The E isn't HARD to hit, but it isn't easy either, and when you hit it, honestly feels lackluster. What I really think could make her nice to play, while putting more on E and not on Q. While having something that is connected to her Q, is this. When you hit your E, you should get the true damage, you should get the same true damage as you had on the old Irelia W, based on E level. So when you hit your E, you'd get to deal some extra true damage on marked champions for the mark duration. This would make it more situational because you could Q to pop the mark directly, and only deal the true damage once. OR go with the old playstyle where you Q to a low HP minion, attack until the mark is about to run out, then Q. This would make her feel A LOT more like the old Irelia, which personally I feel is lost in the new Irelia. And I get they changed her to fit the theme, and this is more like an Aatrox style rework. But it doesn't make sense to me, end of the Irelia discussion, now back to the main topic, the fear of the Akali Rework. I'm scared, of the upcoming Akali rework. For reasons that she'll end up like Irelia is now, where they seem to have "Ruined" the classic playstyle of Irelia, to overall fit her theme better. I'm tired of watching champions core gameplay and playstyle get changed so much, because riot calls it unbalanced and hard to balance. Let me give you an example of a champion I used to play alot, before she was basically killed by Riot's rework. Quinn I feel like Quinn's old ultimate of changing form playing as Valor, was great. Going from a DPS to a Melee Assassin really felt like something unique to her, and sure it was hard to balance. But what that Quinn built upon was snowballing and sword of the occult, or the 3 secured crits of Sword of the Divine. She lost that nice feel of being able to fly in, and really nuke someone. I'm tired of losing this, and for how this ties into Akali, here we go. Akali's core right now is based on how well you can balance your passive damage and heal combined with Q, and W R mobility. The classic trade/nuke combo for Akali during a lane phase, is AA a minion once to heal, then Q R AA the enemy laner. This can do a absolute ton of burst, and if they don't respect that, you can most likely kill them. Sure Akali doesn't really feel like she fits the theme of being "The fist of Shadow". So here's what I'm scared of: Removal of the "Newly" added heal Removal of her major mobility // Adding more conditions to her mobility Removal of her waveclear possiblities Addition of time to bursting (Making her unable to nuke, like the new Irelia and "new" Quinn) Let me know what you feel about all of this, down in the comments, I'd love to know more. Stay cool, this is just a friendly discussion, and you're free to tell me how you feel, but don't be offensive. Please keep it friendly. Sincerely Kuro Nekoshi {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} ~~Edit~~ Just want to thank everyone for their feedback, and I'm happy to see that more people are commenting!
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