Can we have the option to pixelate a champ in the game to oblivion or just smthn in that direction?

Zoe got to be one of the very few things which make me hate existence as a whole, it is not the Kit, it is the whole champion, the way she walks... she laughs, she talks, each fibre of her entire being fills me with despair and anger, each step she takes makes my blood boil, each breath she takes makes my eyes burn out of anger, the more i see this champ the more i feel like ending my pc by slamming my head into it, sure i can mute emotes and the player, but what i can't mute is the entire champion, the sounds her abilitys make, the way she walks... she... exists. I just want it to end already, i can't ban her in 100% of my games, sometimes i need to ban something more banworthy, like actuall champs that counter me or my team composition. Please add an option to pixelate or just in general make a champion so weird looking you won't see the champ in them anymore, and make it mute the sounds of the Abilitys too, i gladly sacrifice my performance against this champion in exchange for playing against this champ without a pulse which rises higher than the tides. Dear Riot, from someone who is not satisfied enough by killing each Zoe on the Battlefield.
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