Honor system- broken?

Could be just my impression, but i dont think honor system works how is intended. The point of it is to reward the player that deserve special consideration for the match you just play with. But in reality, more than often, honor is gived to the player that simply had the most number of kills. If at first glance it can looks "logical" often is not! "If you have the large number of kills, SHOULD means that you carry the game, you do all the work, and you bring the team to the victory!" it sound logial... but is not like that! i've played a lot of games in wich the ADC or the top laner are just...bad! they give up...they start surrender vote at minute 15, and insulting everybody! or WORST! they muted chat and pings (whic should be illegal...if you muted pings...you can also play with your monitor off for what it matters... RIOT PLS make it illegal !) THAN, with the aid of support, the jungler or "anibody" else, they start get feed. To be MORE precise "SPOON FEEDED" cause you need them with money and kills to start doing their job! which is FINE! but they sure do NOT deserve any honor...but they TAKE IT ANYWAYS!!! for some reason they takes honor also from the guy they insulted or make they experience not enjoiable... why i'm asking you? why? a fresh example is my last match! (which we WON by the way) Orianna lose the mid lane, and the tower and give 6 kills to Yasuo during the first minutes... a top Kled is getting kicked by sion... the WW jungler just come bot alone and give a kill to ezreal... Me (leona) and Vayne are playng very defensive cause we are far behind.. Vayne start insulting WW, who insult back, The same happen with orianna. and ofc they start popping out the classic "Please FF at 15!" i dont like to give up, so i start my usual "Calm down guys! chill, we gonna make it, just focus...and so on" Turns out i reach my lvl6 and from that moment i start enganging e give my ADC kills! i start going mid to help Orianna and so on! i called the baron, protect my team mates... and we won! i keep engaging Yasuo and stun him like hell! preventing him to get more kills...long story short i lead to the victory!( dont take the wrong idea, i usually dont like to compliment myself) at the end of the game...Vayne was the most honorable...and NOBODY gives me a single GG... not even in CHAT! Was She nice? NO - was she a good players? Not really, she wasnt bad, but she did a lot of stupid move, dying often or forcing the team to leave all to run to save her Was she tilt proof? HA HA HA! NO! so why she was the most honorable?... Cause me and the jungler give her a lot of kills is this fair? i dont think so, i saw games bring to victory by the jungler efficency, a midlaner leadership and experience....and still see the OTHERS get the honor! And also as always the supports player are penalized, cause they did not have (usually) a lot of kills, and dosent matter how much they help, or how much the victory depends on them...you have the largest kills? you are the best...period. maybe you can get 1 honor...maybe 2 if one of your friends was with you in team. Maybe your experience was different from mine, but i really feel like the guy who have more kills put in the shadows the other players(not only the support) (maybe is not the correct board to post this...idk)
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