Questions about runes and stuff nowadays

Hello all, I've not played the game in over a year and just got back to it only having played 2 ARAMs so far. The main change I noticed is the rune system. It seems that masteries are gone and got fused into these new runes. But I used to have like 20 mastery pages, but now I only have two rune pages (I never bought additional pages since I was fine with a basic AD and AP page). It's slightly confusing and I have a few questions: How do I go about picking runes for specific champions? Am I expected to change the page each time in champ select? With 20 mastery pages it was simple to make a few for specific champions and roles. Does this change mean that when I start a game I will have less AD/AP than I am used to? Or did they compensate for this with the new system? It feels like the new system is just an expanded mastery system without the runes at all, since there's no flat stat increases anymore. Since I'm making a post anyway I may as well ask about any other major changes that may be worth hearing about. I played a few games in January last year, but after that I didn't really stay up to date. Anything major to keep in mind if I'm gonna play jungle for example? I don't feel like playing a ton of games on a new account or against bots just to learn the basics again (I'll probably play a few bots tho), but I also don't want to mess up for my team. Less important questions meant to be taken a bit jokingly, but this being League I need to ask, what's the meta like currently? Are we still hating on every Vayne, Riven and Yasuo? Do we hate anyone new yet? Is it a tank or an assassin season? Do average games last long or short currently? Can I still ignore my team flaming me as Susan for 30 minutes and then oneshot most enemies? Do we ignore dragons, or are they worth getting? What about that turret melting rift Herald that was still being tweaked last time I played? Thank you for the time spent answering any of these. Each bit of info helps getting back into this game.

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