Actually R.I.P League 2019

After years of playing, what can possibly be worse than the current state of playing Ranked in S9? AP Yi mid, Shaco AP jungle with DFG.. just a reminder for those who been playing when the game was enjoyable. - Reached Diamond 4 just to realize that there is a thing called Demotion Shield and that I lose twice the LP of what I win. - The ability to climb as a duo FAR exceeds the restriction of climbing, playing solo. Hence the unfortunate phrase "duo abuse". - D4 is like a pitstop of hardstucks (like me), newly boosted, newly bought accounts, new players (literally beginners). Look at the numbers: go in Ranked under ur profile (in-client) and see the vast difference in amount of players... the flaws are obvious. Currently 121 players in D4 and only 18 (!) in D3, and 7 in D2. Personally I very recently just lost all motivation to climb knowing that the time is not worth it, gaining 12 LP and losing 23 LP. It just doesn't add up how 2-3hrs of tryharding can be lost in a 30min loss. Definition of imbalanced, if you ask me. I understand the tweaks and changes that have led up to this state of Ranked are nearly impossible to revert, which is why I've given up. Oh Riot, what went so wrong? Also what is up with NA having like a different function (positional climbs) when EUW playing the same game doesn't? What went so wrong? What is being done to fix the tumors infecting my fav. game? Until then, real life, here I come . :depression: {{champion:32}}
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