D5 hardstuck needs advice.

Hello guys. I need advice, because im hardstuck. If you look in my past 5 games. you can see I do well in all games, but lost two of them. I gained 44lp on 3 wins, and on two loses im on 0 now. first lost game - i was carrying hard(with twitch), but at 20 min, malphite decided to jump in with ult solo, where all team told him to wait for me to be near in range for my ult (what makes +300 range) he just flamed us and said we are stupid that we dont follow (we can't teleport close him). It happened twice. In 40 min mark Victor died solo in enemy jungle, and their team pushed us until naked nexus. Lost. Second lost game with vayne was hard, bcs I was on lane vs soraka and cait (of course i should not go vayne) but later on i was outdamaging cait and soraka, could kill them both easy. Kha zix decided to go afk farm jungle (literaly he didnt want to join anywhere, where happened fight he carried on farming wolves and said: "i dont care - ff" lux was 2/5 poppy was feeding top. We lost 4vs5 tl dr. I win 3 games and i carry them hard, next game or two i lose it, and as much as i try, i can not change outcome of game, what makes my lp score back to 0. advice please, i really dont know what to do. Wasthing 2hour for winning and losing everything in 50mins....
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