The legendary rune

So basically fresh out of the bath a sudden thought crossed my mind. "Man taking 1 red crit rune was fun..." and then I realized: We now have small flat stat runes. And that is how how the 1% crit chance could make a return! Actually, it could be turned into an actual rune by let's say, you have a 1 in a 100 chance of critting with your next basic attack. But with each non crit basic landed, the next one would have a bigger chance of being a crit. Buying crit would just cut down the 100 and buying even more would essentially make this rune useless at around 60% crit chance. A way to balance this could be a damage reduction to the crit basic based on how many times have you landed a non crit basic making it more of a high risk high reward thing other than a planned bonus source of damage. But to make this even more interesting, what if abilities could proc it as well? We could actually have an ap crit mechanic!
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