New Miss fortune skin is riot taking the piss???

I havent played this rubbish game for a while because of the toxicity in ranked and being able to climb so i took a break, i then come back yesterday to see there was a new patch so i downloaded and checked it out. I then noticed that the new MF skin was available and i also saw the price, you guys took the piss with the skin for kai'sa and now you expect people to pay double for the mf skin. I mean seriously you think people are made of money or something or you trying to see how much you can take the mick outta your players because you know they will pay it??. You get all this damn money for a FREE game and yet you still cant be bothered to sort out ranked, still only one stupid quest a day still after 8 years? you numerous ideas in these forums for quests from other players, the stupid bugs that get people banned for queing even though its not there fault its your crap servers or game and then you do this also with the price of her skin???. Seriously riot i think you need to sit the hell down and think about how you are going to improve this game overall for the players, this game is 8 years old and i honestly thought you might have done a little more in your power to make this a little bit more enjoyable for the player base. So on this im done with this toxic game i have uninstalled it and WILL NOT be coming back ranked it a joke nothing competitive about it and should be removed and the price of your skins is beyond the joke. Good bye riot and i suggest others do the same otherwise riot will just take your money and tell you to get stuffed by doing nothing. GOODBYE TOXIC RIOT :D.
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