After working my way back to plat, i am sad. every game is the same. (come, ridicule my salt)

Seriously, i feel there is really nothing i can do. I simply know what will happen. For like past 15 games, all follow the same scenario- i go top, i do my job there. i usually win my lane, only once lost it in a way that resulted in my lane oponent getting kills. usually it is me who walks out of it with a kill or two... hell, recently i have even won a lane against ignite garen using tp, and by win i do not only men survival and cs, i had actual kills under my belt. and yet every game i prepare myself mentally. EVERY SINGLE GAME is the avalanche o "an ally has been slain". All the time. the moment game strarts i am mentally ready for this to happen. Bot, mid, my overbrave jungler. sometimes all at once. "an ally has been slain" "an ally has been slain" "enemy killing spree" ...It feels like the Summoner's Rift theme music is in fact a song and these words are the lyrics And at some point in the game i run into the overfed consequences of my teammates incompetence who hit like an unholy love child of Wonder Woman and Saitama. "Report Sion", they say then, "troll champ". And yet, there is one more theme to all these games- when we are 8 objectives and like 14 kills behind, i start a surrender vote. They are NEVER successfull. the very same teammates that put the game into "beyond redemption" status, insist on making losing last as long as possible. Because "you never surrender a ranked game". Oh really? Guys, does any of you play chess for example? Because i did my fair share of competitive chess in the past. It is not even a grandmaster thing- even at club level next to no game ends in checkmate- at some point one of the players usually realises that he/she had lost, stops the damn clock, congratulates the oponent, signes the sheet and starts getting ready for the next game. Chess players are smart. plz be more like chess players.
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