This first blood tower is ruining the game for me

Since they introduced this mechanic, people start grouping in mid on the tenth fucking minute and you are forced to either give them mid tower and a huge gold advantage at that stage of the game, or you go in mid and don't farm, but the team with the better poke wins. After people start going mid no one is going to get back to their lanes, so mid game starts around lvl 7. Late game champ? Screw you! Better snowball in ARAM mid! Some people might say :Um, yeah you just need to stay in bot and they will have to return". BS. If there are 3 enemies mid, and two of your go bot, you will lose that tower before bot gets to their lane. If you are a jungler, your ganking ends on the tenth minute. I had a problem before with people not understanding objective control, now I have that plus no time to go for anything, because teamfight mid! I'm never getting out of bronze... How have your experiences been?
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