Oh goodie another Lux skin any chance of another Xerath skin?

I get that Riot is a business and that it makes most of its money from cosmetics and that it makes sense that the popular champions get SOME priority when it comes to new skins, but at the moment the system is ridiculously skewed and makes you feel like if you're not playing {{champion:157}} or {{champion:99}} then you shouldn't be playing. Now I love {{champion:101}} I love his kit and his general concept but since his release 7 years ago Riot have rarely done anything with apart from rebuild his kit into something better and reduce his interesting backstory to that of the level of a Saturday morning cartoon villain but he is also one of the worst champions for new skin releases apart from {{champion:68}} but there are technical issues there with his model but as far as I know {{champion:101}} really doesn't have those issues. I also get that less popular champions are less likely to get a new skin but I do feel this model has been pushed to the extreme for instance {{champion:92}} and {{champion:104}} were the champions that came before and after {{champion:101}} and these are how many skins they've had released (this excludes the two that came on release) Riven: 7 Xerath: 2 Graves: 9 As you can see it's a lot less and it's not like there are themes that Ball of energy couldn't fit into he would be ideal for the Program, Master Arcanist, Arclight, Hextech skin themes, but for some reason its been 4 years since his last skin any chance of a new skin? TL:DR stop with the Lux skins and make a Xerath skin as it's been 4 years since the last one
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