It ranked worth it?

Hello guys, This post is a little longer than expected, but I think it’s worth to read it. Just as the title says I want to talk about ranked. I want to know it’s worth all the flame/toxicity/trollers etc. I don’t care if you are high/low/hell ELO, what’s your experience on ranked? Why do you play it? (And don’t say because of the rewards) Most important, what do you advice for me and my BF? My BF and I are both easy going and playing games for the fun. We are both tilt proof, not because we are very patient (In fact I’m not) but we support each other in a way we set negative attitude in a fun, easy, positive attitude. This works 99% of the games. My duo partner got lv30 this week (I Played before, but didn't play in a year) and we are thinking about going ranked. So my question is pretty easy, is it worth it? Even in normal games people flame and cry about everything. But we see the funny part of it and we laugh at it, but we choice also to be supporting for our team. Not with feedback _(I don’t believe in giving feedback, see it when you are trying to balance something on your noise and someone is giving you “constructive” feedback, its distracting, annoying and frustrating)_ but more in a way where we try to give them kills, take objectives, communicate missing enemies. So in a short story, is this attitude worth it? The most important factor is that we both keep the fun in the game and maybe ranked can be a fun influence for that fun. I’m a little afraid that we end up in a flaming pit where our attitude gets destroyed and we lose the fun. Like to hear your suggestions, advice, stories, jokes etc. Thanks!
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