Aatrox rework is just.. dont please

https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-reveal-aatrox?utm_source=LeagueClient&utm_medium=OverviewTier1 Riot come on wtf is this some 3D anime for kids or what even his look suks as old one is way better.. and his abilities are total mess .. If I wanted playing kayn I would play him i dont get why you guys rework champs delete their unique abilities and make them as same as other champs it becomes boring as hell. This is kayn not aatrox.. only thing which is still useful is his R as name changed WORLD ENDER. such a funny when it was MASSACRE. just come on riot try to have better workers or people who does it pls Dont do this rework pls... just wtf people waited for this and wtf is this some messed up work. even the animation suks look at legs movement Passive at 02 there is bug. come on rito wtf..
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