Early Quitters just stop playing

Just stop playing ranked. You are awful and don't deserve to be in ranked. How could you possibly demand your team mates to ff barely 5 mins into the game? So you made a mistake? Bounce back. Guess what, every now and then you'll get a bad start but that doesn't mean you quit every game until you get a good one. Bare in mind you are not in the game alone, you have 4 other people trying their best and yet you decided to ruin everyone else's effort because you made a mistake and didn't even bother owning up to it so you blame every other lane. If that isn't enough you decide to feed so you can truly end the game at 20 mins? Seriously? Not only did you not give yourself a chance to bounce back but you condemned everyone else who are trying their best to the very same fate. Where is the fun in quitting? You are missing out on the joy of being an under dog and ending the game with a victory. We get it, you are not walking around with multiple kills and no deaths but it's only 5 mins. So you died once? So what?! Early quitters need to be flagged and put in a slower queue with people who share the same mentality. They don't deserve to jump into matches just like that. /rant
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