Motivations of Riot? LoL getting worse?

They are slowly making this game more casual, step by step. Less creativity, less complexity, that's what the new rune system is. While giving us annoying mission pop ups and summoner icons as content for years. All this lazy content, and still aiming for a bigger playerbase. Maybe aim for a more satisfied one? Failure is creeping in, the new rune system is a clear sign. And why not give us actual content? And actual options? Custom games we can host with whatever custom mode we want, more ranked maps, more lore, actual single player mode? So much potential, yet I feel like they have done so little in all these years. Riot has been so super controlling of whatever we can play, that modding/custom game modes would currently be unthinkable at the Riot office. All these things could'v been achieved with the profit you have gained from this game, and besides new champions, I don't see any real content being made for years now. One of the most succesful studios there is, I expect a lot more, and I know they can do more. You got like 80 million players? C'mon now, you can invest in more developers if needed.
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