Seriously riot.. MAKE RANKED GAMES only with champions LVL 5 AND ABOVE

Seriously ... make ranked games in that manner so we could enter RANKED QuE only with champions LVL 5 and ABOVE!!!!!!! I think im not the only one that has fed up of trolls that comme in ranked games and they say they go troll if u dont let themgo whatever lane they want or the other tipe of trolls that come play ranked and they dont have a clue to play they selected champion!!! 1 We will get ridd of TROLLS that comme ranked and dont have a clue to play theyr selected champion.. that blame the autofill for theyr idiocryty and lack of logic. 2. WE will no longer need AUTOFILL since we have champ and spare that we konw to play and master since we have lvl 5 on it 3. We will get rid off smurfs that have 1000 accounts and sell them to noobs trolls 4. Maybe We will have more players in the high end of the ranked leader... not like now where 80% of players are Iron Bronze and Silver... and get rid off thowse looooong quees in the PLATYNUM QUES!!! 5. MAYBE RIOT wold listen to players once in a while!!!
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