Autofill ADC or SUPP. Both bad. Autofill vs Mains in bot lane

Hi, So it's not really a new thing everyone knows that autfill sucks but it's a part of the game. However, when you get autofill bot lane it's a different story. Autofill ADC (Hardest role mechanically in my opinion) Autofill Support (Hardest role to carry with in my opinion). The thing is when people get autofilled in ether ADC or SUPP they seriously just dont have any idea what to do. They don't know the trade patterns, Matchups and Macro etc. But autofill is a part of the game and I understand it but the problem comes in match making. 1. Why is only one player in bot lane getting autofilled? 2. Why are they getting autofilled against Bot lane mains? If both laners in bot lane are autofill they can just play there main champs in bot the champ they are comfortable in and carry the game taht way. If only one is autofill the player has to play a normal champ the champ that he suck at and then the player is blamed for trolling. And please bot lane is the hardest role to carry with and play just don't put autofills against mains its the worst matchup it's a gauranteed loss.
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