[\REFORMING the PENALTY SYSTEM/] - In-game forced tolerance of idiot players in ranked.

**Hi everyone and thank you for stopping by and paying attention to this topic, if you are here that means you just like me ... a good player who's playing strategically, helping your teammates and do the best you can to win your precious ranked game.** But this comes with a huge BUT, and I do feel you when you are playing I mean suffering with at least 2 players in your team who are Idiots ( no other words to discrib them ), let's say a **top laner {{champion:131}} and a mid {{champion:13}} laner who never use their free {{item:3361}} ** while your teammate is watching his ennemy in lane going constantly to ward tribush or the river bush, which makes it so easy for the ennemy jungler {{champion:121}} to come and gank him ... your top laner {{champion:131}} dies, and when he's back to lane he asks for a gank as expected and at the same time he sees the ennemy toplaner {{champion:86}} is going to ward, and when you are {{champion:11}} coming to gank he {{champion:131}} doesn't even ping that that bush in warded, their ennemy jungler {{champion:121}} comes to kill you {{champion:11}} in that bush, you start attacking their ennemy jungler while the ennemy toplaner {{champion:86}} is coming to help him {{champion:121}} but your top laner {{champion:131}} doesn't give a shit about you {{champion:11}} , he started recalling {{champion:131}} {{summoner:12}} to base right next to you... _**THIS IS JUST ONE OF THE SENARIOS, there are so many**_ I know your brain is on fire, but you are forced to keep it cool with that idiot, so you start to give him advice, tell him what to do because this is the last card you can play with him ... why it's because the last card, well! because you are the one who will get banned if you flame, Riot doesn't care about that idiot being in-game even if he loses 10 ranked games in a row. _**WHY ARE WE FORCED TO KEEP IT COOL WITH PLAYERS LIKE THOSE????**_ if I am going to lose a game because of an idiot I would probably like to let my rage comes out and shit on that player, so I will feel happy and ready for my next game. **Dear Riot ! I don't want to play with a player who lost 4 ranked games in a row !!! please ban him at least for 3 hours, so he will go out IRL and change his mood... because I believe he will be more serious in-game if he receives some punishement.** Probably you who's reading this will just say " well you are a toxic player, and you are the problem " no mate, I am not a toxic player, and I am a cool guy, I'm always enjoying the game and laughing at it, but sometimes you have that anger, and i am not shy to say it... Please share your thoughts in the comment section. I want to read what you guys think. Thank you again for stopping by.
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