Morde is a little nutty isn't he...

Playing on PBE Nobody knew how Morde worked, even the person playing him, so I never encountered any reasonably strong mordes, even when I played him. Now that he is on live, and it's blatantly clear he is overtuned as f*** and buggy af (what a surprise!) - things like traps placed in death realm don't activate when stepped on by Morde, Also i understand for the theme that things like traps don't make sense to be moved with you and morde, but balance-wise i think that should be tested, because at the moment, it is so easy for a morde to ult any squishy carry and almost guarantee they will not survive because they are stuck there for 7 seconds, and due to morde's itemisation not only are you trapped with him for 7 seconds, but he has a zhonyas... So you aren't allowed to try and kill him either (Don't forget his passive will still burn you too!) Seeing as Morde as Morde is seen as an AP Darius, yes you can avoid his Q (supposedly his main chunk of damage) I think it is a big much that his passive does so much damage (and gives his autos bonus magic damage). I know that many would disagree, especially since it doesn't quite fit the idea of "you're in my realm now" but when i first saw morde's ult on the PBE i thought it would be really interesting if Morde was more vulnerable in his ult, and to come out the victor he becomes even stronger, rather than just being stronger cause he pressed R on someone, and then keeping it if he wins. It doesn't really feel rewarding so to speak, since he is already presumably stronger and i feel that separating someone from their team is already a huge strength. I know some people have mentioned that Morde's isolated Q does stupid damage, though i think that is kinda justified, especially with it's huge hitbox (it can literally hit anything, a creep and it loses the bonus damage) the E seems the most reasonable part of his kit, easy to see coming, but very punishing if it lands. I know a lot of Morde mains were also talking about his W heal being negligible, but the initial massive shield making up for it so i don't know if that might be changeable. Anyways just wanted to discuss Morde's situation. Because i kinda feel like Riot is either gonna leave him strong af, or overnerf his numbers, when i feel like his abilities could be changed a little bit to be easier to balance.
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