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Hi, for start i just want you to know that i'm French so sorry for my English. I Actually play a lot to TFT mode and there is some things that need to be improved to got some build will less RNG. First thing is on PVE Every player should loot 1 item every phase no more no less, and i was thinking about something, why does the played can't choose the item loot on the 1rst phase. I'll explain to you, you kill every mob and after that only you got choise against 2 ou 3 item that you pick like armor belt negatron, 2nd thing bow glaive stick and the 3rd round spatule+tear. I should give more build option that you choise and not only luck/rng. 2nd Thing is you should never got 3 same pick (or more i got 4x the same champ early) on your champ selection bar, that can broke the early game and ruin the game with to power champ early to one guy or ruin the chance to got some other champ that you want 3rd Why the %%%% the drake got some magic damage reduction?? 4th delete/chance the critical chance on hit that's too strong early game with assassin multiplicator and give rng to all other champ we don't know how many crit chance we have and champ do some. I don't know give them %damage or something like that? 5th Yordle escape? Just Why? You deleted this on LoL normal mode years ago the rng miss is just annoying play the same match 2 time the result can be sooo différent. That's all for me i Expect that's will be usefull this mode is still great so keep doing good work!
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