New Nunu death animation and the other heartbreaking/pretty brutal ones

I legitimately now feel guilty when I kill an enemy Willump, it is honestly so soul-destroying and the most depressing thing I have ever seen in this game (besides a legendary 4/23 Darius I had a couple of days ago, but even that was just comical towards the end). Some of the death animations are pretty brutal, I don't know why but I felt like compiling a list of the ones that in my opinion, are the worst. - Irelia's old death animation, she sort of falters and then all of her blades just impale her and she screams and drops - Wukong sways and gasps and then turns to stone - Ahri cries out and then hits the deck, curling into a foetal position and moaning softly - Caitlyn clutches her stomach and lets out a gasp of almost surprise before falling to her knees, holding her stomach and then slowly letting go and dying - Nautilus tries to yank off his helmet, looking like he's trying to pull it off as if maybe he's drowning or suffocating in it - I know it's meant to be semi comical but Braum gasps and falls to one knee. then onto his back, and his impossibly heavy shield drops on him and I'm assuming crushes him - Azir kneels, holding his hands up and watching as they turn to sand, whispering "Shurima" - Nami falls on her face and then flops around like a fish, twitching and gurgling like one - Annie dies on her side, trying to reach for her best friend Tibbers and almost begging for him, before dying with him just beyond her reach - Lucian falls to his knees, gasping for breath and saying "I've failed" or "Senna" before he dies - Kindred is about to fall to the ground before Wolf crashes into her chest, I'm guessing trying to lift her back up but fails and passes with her maybe? or maybe he's killing her? I'm not sure with that one - Yorrick floats for a few seconds before the hands of the dead reach and yank him into a grave, leaving his trusty spade as the only sign he was there - Leona screams and drops her weapons, reaching towards the sun before disintegrating into light - Camille takes fatal damage and her hextech body twitches as it fails and short-circuits, she tries to crawl forward but her legs spasm and she dies - Lissandra cries out and collapses into ice - Orianna lets out a robotic-like scream of agony and falls apart - Pyke is taken back to the depths, making glugging sounds - Sejuani is literally crushed by her goddamn boar - Ryze struggles to hold himself up, and gasps out to you to burn his scroll as he falls - Kalista makes a sound like all of the breath has just been snatched from her lungs and turns to dust, leaving only her armour behind - Cassiopeia turns to stone and makes an awful screeching sound, her body breaking as it hits the deck - Kog's body half explodes off, like the upper layer of his skin, exposing some of his insides before he runs about screaming and eventually explodes, her then tries to stay on his feet, swaying back and fourth coughing and spluttering blood before failing and expiring - Tristana falls onto her back but with her Dragontrainer skin the dragon doesn't die, and instead shakes itself and trots over to her trying to nudge her head back up before loyally curling up to stay with her And the cream on the cake; Nunu's new model. I haven't seen all of them but from what I can tell Willump crashes to the ground and doesn't stir, Nunu stays with him, begging and pleading him to get up and not leave him on his own. The first time I saw it was my last game and my duo and I had just murdered him in his jungle, I started to hear Nunu talking as I was walking away and stopped and stayed in vision range to hear him on the verge of tears asking his friend to get up. My heart felt like it was cracking , and I felt insanely guilty like you wouldn't believe. I'm now going to feel absolutely god-awful playing vs or with this champ and either killing him or seeing him die. WHY RIOT WHY!?
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