Is making a new champions really necesarry to keep the game 'alive'?

Yuumi Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends
Paw, claw, heal, and cuddle. The Magical Cat bops them all! Napping on the shoulders of new friends, Yuumi and her best friend Book are on a quest to find her Master. She stays attached to allies or hops among teammates to target enemies and keep her friends alive.
**Intro** Just a quick disclaimer right from the start guys. I am not saying that making a new champion is really that bad or it should be stopped. All what will you (_hopefully_) read is my own selfish opinion and I do respect if someone doesn't share my point of view. **Why** Making new champions is basically about making our beloved League feel fresh and entertaining. But as you might already know (_if you play league for quite some time as I do_), you don't need a new champion to game feel great. Like c'mon League has currently 145 champions to this day, last champion to be released is Yuumi. Why would we need more? "We don't." All we need is reworking the old rusty champions who nobody wants to play because they are not entertaining or playable for a long time for example: NIdalee, Maokai,Malphite, Fiddlesticks(_I know, he will finally gets to be reworked_)... We know that Riot can rework outdated champions and make them fun and playable again. I know that adjusting the power of rework can be a struggle and that champ becomes powerhouse for a week or two but after some adjustments it can become really good and (mostly) balanced champion. My discussion isn't only about stopping releases of new champions but also about balancing the game as a whole. **New champions** I am not saying that making a new champion is generally bad BUT leaving the older ones struggle trying to match these new is unfair. Real problem of new champion is also attempt to make him feel so much special. Introducing a new mechanic to the game which posses only the newest champ is really dumb idea. It would be much more better to add this new mechanic to some champions already in game. Examples: {{champion:350}} Cursor-navigated projectile. {{champion:516}} His E is capable of destroying player-created terrain like J4's ult or Anivia's wall. **Bad balancing** RIOT also doesn't understand the importance of making the right decisions in terms of fair gameplay. Like Riven which was for a long time only buffed until patch 9.10. [Here]( is the link where you can find her history in patches. Balancing team should have been more aware of doing their work and should be made out of players from various ranks at various positions so they can figure out the right nerf/buff or adjustment for champions after discussing it with other elo team members. [Another issue]( **Pros of focusing on reworks instead of releasing new champions:** + Riot will have much more time on making the rework better and balanced + Game will stay relevant even with the same champions for quite some time + Much wider options in terms of gameplay strategies and game diversity + Easier managing of balancing the game **Cons of focusing on reworks instead of releasing new champions:** - There will be always someone who complains about new changes (_like me rn_) - [Universe]( might not grow as fast as with releasing new champ(_But it might, that only depends on how well made the reworks will be_) - Probably no new broken mechanics But that's just my point of view and I will be glad if you share your own opinion **on this topic**. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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