Kindred's current state

Let's talk about Kindred. The champion that was supposed to be an adc jungler. In my opinion, they aren't as good as they could be. I mean Kindred is somewhat underpowered right now. Especially after the "nerf", they got through the Scuttle crab change. I feel like Kindred relies on marks too much and should have better base stats overall because the enemy team can see the marks and Kindred will get one in 3 minutes. The scaling is really weak which is why Kindred will become really useless if they can't farm marks. And since the enemy team can see them as well, they can easily get first blood due to Kindred's bad early game. Then the second thing. Kindred's ultimate heals BOTH teams. So basically if Kindred bought healing items, they could heal the enemy team more than their own team. It doesn't feel exactly rewarding to ult since it also has such a high cooldown. The least Riot could do is to remove the healing from the enemy team so that Kindred can actually outplay them easier. I mean... Kindred has an extremely low pay rate and even lower ban rate. It feels extremely weak as a champion and could use some buffs. Like Rakan for example. He got simple base stat buffs and is now back in the meta being a good choice as a support. I know that one player's suggestions aren't important but I feel like this could be a way to improve them. Also, the popularity might be why Kindred hasn't been touched for so long. I mean... They haven't gotten a skin for 3 years now... Anyway, I hope that someone can actually get my point here. Anyway, I want to hear opinions from you guys too. What do you think?
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