The Aurelion Sol Changes

Honestly, the whole change into a burst mage, kinda destroys his identity. We have insane amounts of burst mages and not many sustain mages. I think the whole change is straight up a bad decision, yeah sure it's good for the people who love all the 'omg i 1shot u uwu' or whatever but like. Man, it get's boring. It's kind of just chaining your abilities, it isn't anything different. You chain your Q then toggle W til it's on and kite. That's all you do now. It's just straight up sad. I don't even know what to do with him, he's boring and the hype he receives on youtube, yet how much I see the Asol community hate it and how many complaints I've seen about it, Rito literally ruined the uniqueness of him. We received 2 bursts recently Sylas, Neeko just chain the root and you win. The same happened to this 'rework', I disagree with it and I simply had to slap this somewhere because it makes me sad. This is my favourite champ in the game, I ain't here to start a fight I'm just here for a discussion, I really disagree with this change.
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