Can i ask for a much more unbalance team.. So i know i am good player but the riot system just miss balance my games as hell ,they did that all the year and i been throught all gold divisions cause i play alone and not premade , is based on random luck you have teams or not ... , i have quit a large number of games played as jinx adc... , but i am afraid this will never change and you will keep ban people ,I'm on loss streak with 3 losses in row now , reason ,trollers/flamers/trollers ,unbalance teams ,etc.... , and you expect everyone to stay chill when this happen all the days long ... | SHAME| ,shame you fail so hard to balance teams as you fail to make this game bettter , i haven't seen you to do something for players to help them get more quality games ,instead you just made it worse ,autofill/ unbalance games/ trollers end of season cause they don't get ranked rewards/lot's of flamers now this is more worse than it was 4 years ago it is so worse that i can't express myself how unhappy this game is to be played !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is not enought skill to carry 1 game playing solo ,unfortunatly is hard to find good and skilled players nowadays because they all gonne and leaved this game .... , i am not talking about platinum diamond master challenger ,about all this middle elo players who played good ,they no longer exist ,chaos will hit platinum soon then diamond players too .. is just a pain to play this game!
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