Why are we forced meta-tactics?

Hello everyone, this is a question to the community and riot themselves. I want to ask why we are forced to play what pros play, we are not pros and only 0.001% (probably less) will ever go up there to match a pros skill level. So just cause pros play certain champs in certain postions with certain builds we need to do the same, otherwise it's trolling? To me this seems weird. Why can't i play ad Cho'Gath without getting flamed from 4 teammates and being reported as a troll? Why can't I choose something in Rankeds that doesn't fit the 1 top 1 jungle 1 mid 2 bot. At the beginnigs of League, the game was total Chaos and there wasn't even the 1 top 1 jungle ... So why is it neccessary to play this now? You are forcing players in a playstyle that they maybe don't wan't. Please tell me why we are forced into Pro-Playstyles. Edit: Why did you remove Teamcreator queue to give non-meta players a legitimate queue where they won't instantly be seen as trolls if they create a double jgl team for example but rather they will find people who would also like to play a double jungle game for once. Edit 2: So a lot of people don't get my point. Firstly im not complaining that off-meta things are weaker than meta things. Secondly my biggest complaint is that we are forced the 1 1 1 2 (Top,Jungle,Mid,Adc,Support) playstyle. I mean where can I join a ranked and play double jungle? Right, nowhere! We are forced to play 1 1 1 2 'cause pros started using it Season 2. Before that there was total Chaos, but just because riot thinks they should let everyone play what pros play we can't have funny teamcomps anymore (again, not talking about Champions or builds but talking about the 1 1 1 2), And lastly riot forces you into positions.. I want to play top? Well bad for you that you got autofilled adc, want to queue up for 100% chance to get top but maybe have 30 minutes queue time? Well to bad that we will rather give you a role that you can't or don't want to play, but you have to stick with it because dodging will lose you lp, losing because you can't play a role will lose you lp too. Riot has forgotten that the biggest part of playing video games is having fun. If leauge wasn't the most popular moba i'd rather play dota or hots or something like that because riot doesn't want you to have fun, but everyone to feel cool about themselves cause they do what the pros do.
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