Match Making

I really don't know what's going on. This match making doesn't make any sense. Especially now when I'm on a winning streak. It really seems like Riot want to make you climbing as hard as possible. I got to Plat 4, two days ago, and in all games since promotion I was getting Plat 4 players, sometimes there was not more then one Gold 1 player. I won 4 games in a row, my mmr is pretty fine, like 60% win rate last several days, and tonight I entered the game where I had, 3 players from Gold 2, and 1 player from Gold 4. And whole enemy team was all Plat 4. How on earth you think my Gold 4 mid laner can stand a chance vs Plat 4 enemy mid laner? I'm not saying Gold for player is noob and Plat 4 is pro, but for Christ sake, it is WHOLE TIER difference. And at the end of the game, that was exactly what happened, enemy Katarina 15-2 and our Zed 2-10... If someone else is having same bs match making, I would like to know, since Riot really needs to work on their match making system.
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