Typical day in League (small rant)

I just want to share my today's experience of LoL, which is quite representative for the state that the game is currently in: Game 1: Support Malphite rolls over botlane, toplane loses too, everything snowballs - surrendered at 15 Game 2: ADC gets troll support Veigar, because autofill (no impact and afk for the first minutes of the game) - surrendered at 15 Game 3: Remake because of AFK player (thank God he AFKed right away) Game 4: Toplane Mundo feeds, then comes bot to clearly int (running into tower), afterwards saying "his brother played" - surrendered at 30 because Mundo also blocks early surrender And now tell me how to still have fun with this game. And yes, there are days where the other teams have the "bad luck" and I get a win streak. But ingame skill got just so irrelevant by now. So yeah, screw FWotD, I'm sick of grinding for a good team (comp).
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