Kindred has a big problem.

KINDRED IS NOT A CHAMPION ANYMORE *real problem not clickbait*
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I wanted to talk about this sooner already, but now i also found a video which basically explains it better than i ever could. {{champion:203}} Kindred is a huge problem, i played them when they got released, i loved playing them and got mastery 5 on them. But the thing is, Riot nerfed them so hard that Kindred is basically garbage. They're usless, worst thing ever what happened to that champion is that riot removed their passive. It was a big hit on that champ. Is riot ever gonna fix Kindred? They where so fun and good to play with. Now it's utterly sad and uselss, i mean their ult heals even THE ENEMIES, their passive is completely usless now since the enemy jungler can easily steal the jungle monsters from Kindred's passive since everyone on the damn map can see which ones. With Kindred you get so desperate that you suicide just for a camp, just to get stacks from the passive. Riot please for damn sake, i loved playing this champion so damn much, but you nerf them to death. Same goes to Azir, i still love playing him but nerfing him to the point where i see almost no one playing him? Moon plays her in lcs and i'm suprised he's not fined for trolling at this point. C'mon Riot you can do better than this Assassins buffs but nerfing a jungler to the point where no one plays them. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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