Crit items made some adcs too broken , talking about bruisers, help me raise this so riot can see

Hello! So crit items changes made {{champion:18}} the most broken thing in every lane, god i hate it, it can beat bruisers on top , what the fck riot, top is their lane. lets be honest. {{champion:266}} nerfs made him the worst champion in the game! {{champion:24}} is still the same in mid and late game with spear of shoshjoj. i hope League dies , because i see many old players leaving, like myself soon, its not like season 3 or 4 anymore, its just , everyone deals so much dmg, one point the mages are too strong, other point adcs. Riot thinking : lets nerf {{champion:39}} she is too strong( she was) , nerfing to fkciing useless champ : ohh, shes too weak, giving her some buffs which make him too strong again etc, it goes on and on and on , fck you riot, the game should be : every champ is playable in their respective lanes, not metas, %%%% metas. start changing before its too late!
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