Chat banned for first time, wow - I thought the System worked, but no /// + Proof

My mind has much tranquility right now, tbh Im impressed I got a Chat ban, and got as example 2 battles, where most of the times I say POSITIVE things to my team. And no, I dont mean "Positive" by "Buy this or that, it'll do you better". ... I mean "Positive" as of "OMG Riven you rock, I'D KISS YA WP" Lets go - I may highlight interesting proofs: --- Partida 1 Antes de la partida Mártir: Gonna put music On Mártir: Doeet do eet xd Mártir: kidding Mártir: you talk like a Mundo Mártir: For being a Sion XD Mártir: "Me sion, me tank" Mártir: choo choo (Someone said "Ride the Sion carry train") En partida **Mártir: Soz eating rice irl** Mártir: tyyyy Mártir: YOU WILL PAY FOR DIS, FOR I AM POWERFUL , AND UNRIVALED (Joke, to enemy) Mártir: no pull for heca aw dad Mártir: why sion died to enemy jung? Mártir: o_O (Here Sion explains, he went to enemy Red buff, and died - Normal thing Sions do, apparently) Mártir: sounds liek HI ELO Mártir: one day Mártir: i saw someon called Mártir: "Zoephilia Mártir: yours is more Elegant (Our Zoe was called ZOEtic justice, so we make jokes) Mártir: lmao Mártir: i missread Mártir: "on Drugs" Mártir: truth is Mártir: Someone banned his Vayne Mártir: with which he has 65% winrate (My Kaisa highlights how enemy Ezreal is VERY BAD - I tell her someone banned her Vayne, so Kaisa smiles, coz she was who banned Ezreals Vayne) **Mártir: im a feeder main** Mártir: Where u from guyz Mártir: Whats that? ramus Mártir: I didnt unfesetand Mártir: This joke Mártir: why he go so deep in lane Mártir: maybe he %%%% u afk (I think I put "%%%%", as of "thought") Mártir: lol **Mártir: SKeel Mártir: Of zeeleean Mártir: Ok guys i ll come out of the closet: Mártir: water drake is my favourite** Mártir: Reported Mártir: morgana >:( (Enemy Morgana killed me, I say "Reported" as of Joke) Mártir: So Zilean can give AD to hecarim, comfirm? Mártir: fail soz Mártir: Easy **Mártir: mb guys Mártir: You can tell this is Hi Elo Mártir: ppl are better imho** Mártir: XD Mártir: The zilean bait Mártir: typical Mártir: download the rpelay Mártir: and check Mártir: WOW Mártir: she kille dme 2 fast Mártir: for my slow fingers to react Mártir: we ll lose? :O Mártir: From plat onwards Mártir: When u lose promo, they do NOT give ya +1 win next Mártir: hecarim pro (Good stuff to my Jungler) Mártir: What does ZZZ mean Mártir: riven fun Mártir: i was peeling Zoe vs Riven Mártir: autoatak zilean op Mártir: XD **Mártir: god gonestly u guys all Mártir: Seem mature and friendly Mártir: My team too** (More positives) Mártir: The zilean bait **Mártir: kidding ty hecari and all Mártir: sion u msut be nce IRL Mártir: Ok** Mártir: im trolling a bit soz Mártir: XD **Mártir: SION THE LEADER Mártir: sion Mártir: ur a god Mártir: i wanna meet you, and Meat you Mártir: Kidding guys, honestly im having lots of fun** Mártir: What does "Run it down" mean Mártir: Sion is squishy Mártir: GOTCGA Mártir: GOTCHA Mártir: 4 Mártir: FK Mártir: XD **Mártir: sense of humour xddd Mártir: omg i love u guys im fallin in love Mártir: WATCH MY ITEM AND CRY Mártir: IN TEARS!** Mártir: ah nvm u dont have vision of me yet Mártir: YES Mártir: the zilean **Mártir: I talk like a 5 year old to raise morale of team btw** Mártir: Revivall Mártir: Aaa Mártir: Report Ivern, useless champ (There was no Ivern in battle, its a joke I always do) Mártir: like aurelion sol Mártir: agree Mártir: Pushing a lane without inhib is Low elo Mártir: xD Mártir: U saw? XD Mártir: guys u left him Mártir: poh Mártir: XD Después de la partida **Mártir: WHEN RIOT GIVES YOU THE GOOD PLAYERS IN YER TEAM XD Mártir: I HOPE U ALL BE RICH, AND HAVE CHILDREN , AND SUCCED IN WORK XD Mártir: I LIKE YOU ALL GUYS I'D KISS YA :-D CYA Mártir: cya guys i love ya** (Same) --- Partida 2 Antes de la partida Mártir: Piza, your last game of promo? Mártir: k Mártir: well guys, enemy has 4 ap Mártir: build accordingly please En partida Mártir: Pew, Flamer Zed/Malph Mártir: GL Mártir: Malph is a flamer, ofc he made me lose Mártir: Coincidence i had you in my team twice (I get a previous flamer, in enemy team this time) Mártir: Xaya executioner's call after buy pls, anti heals (I say they Itemize Vs Soraka) Mártir: mb Mártir: man soz Mártir: she has barrier? Mártir: i ll buuild MR Mártir: omg Mártir: i want to cry Mártir: + Mártir: omg Mártir: hexdrinker riven :p Mártir: idk watcha mean Mártir: U can tell Mártir: The exp of jungler was nerfed Mártir: Low lvl both Mártir: ph my god Mártir: we did a wrong focus imho Mártir: executioner's call buy plz xaya Mártir: yes Mártir: but i had 100 hp at some point and was stunned idk Mártir: so panick Mártir: :/ Mártir: guys omg Mártir: attack wtf... Mártir: ??? (Ok I get a bit "shocked", but no negatives) Mártir: executioners cal Mártir: we'd be dead by then Mártir: Reported corki Mártir: LOL Mártir: xaya is top Mártir: hard to contest Mártir: lol Mártir: ^ Mártir: i ve been sayin it since min 1 Mártir: liss morello Mártir: lissandra stop hacking Mártir: 5 0 (I said to MY ALLIED Lissandra as of joke, because she was doing awesomely)) Mártir: xaya killed her ow Mártir: xaya haalp Mártir: agree riven Mártir: also been sayin it xd Mártir: U mean Vayne right XD Mártir: Or soraka focus? o_O Mártir: i wasnt there guys Mártir: i as in base Mártir: the ypoke Mártir: I was zoned by malph Mártir: sweeper sejuani Mártir: riven i lost sight of ya Mártir: Wow Mártir: DO IT Mártir: u gyts Mártir: took SO LONG Mártir: omg Mártir: guys u took very very long Mártir: riven was splitting bot... Mártir: we ll lose by objectives (Ye a bit negative here, but nothing more) Mártir: Zed ur good, i admit (halago al enemigo) Mártir: wp itemizing guys, anti heals, and MR (Positives) Mártir: well dats great Mártir: riskyy Mártir: RIVEN Después de la partida **Mártir: RIVEN GOD WP ALL, I HOPE U BE RICH, AND HAVE CHILDREN OS QUIERO GUAP@S** --- Proof both battles were wins: My mind is quiet tbh, but impressed of the Chat ban, with these specific 2 examples... xD
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