Akali Riots problem child (changes)

In this post i want to propose a couple changes to Akalis abilities that would hopfully make her easier to balance and also make her feel a bit closer to what she was pre rework. Abilities that will be changed are q e and a slight change in her passive (w and r stay the same ) 1. Q changes: Its made into a line skillshot that applies a mark on the 1st enemy champion hit (same mark as her old q).IT goes trought minions and instantly procks the mark on them (this will be the waveclear in her kit just like current q ). 2 E changes : make it a dash like dianas e but it has a really large cooldown which gets redused by 50 % if she dashes to a q marked target (fully maxed q and e have the same cd if akali dashes to a marked targed(so e has double the q cd)).Also just like her current e it has unlimited range vs q marked tagets and can be used to dash into the w(same cd reduction(50%)if she dashes to her shroud). 3 Passive changes . Currently akali is maily dmg with little or unfair utility(w) which means to be "balanced" she need to have insane (bordering on unfair dmg). So the passive stays the same in functionality but now has a heal onto it (like her old passive heal scales with ad and the dmg with ap). Needless to say the dmg gets reduced quite a bit since now her main dmg should be in the q. Final word: I higly doubt anyone will see or care about this post but im hoppefull it atliest get a discussion going even if everyone hates my proposed changes
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